The Norwich Road Academy curriculum is designed to ensure the needs of all children are met and that they are inspired, motivated and challenged in their thinking and learning.

Parents Complete Guide Whole Curriculum 2015

Parents Complete Guide whole curriculum 2015

Close attention is paid to their development so that pupils are provided with a broad and balanced curriculum that allows them to develop knowledge, skills and understanding.

Brain Builders Homework

Download our Brain Builders Homework presentation for parents here

Forest School

At Forest School, children lead their own learning based on their interests and unique way of learning. Children are also able to develop at their own pace and because of this their understanding of their learning is more often embedded and remembered.

Norwich Road Academy has developed a Forest School area in the grounds. This provides our pupils with a great opportunity to get outside whatever the weather and experience fun activities. This includes den building, cooking over a fire, making hot chocolate, bug hunting and creating art using natural materials.


At Norwich Road Academy, ICT is used as an important tool to enhance and facilitate learning. Every class uses an interactive whiteboard to aid teaching, making use of the wealth of resources available to support and enrich the learning experience.

To give pupils in Key Stage 1 an exciting start to their education, we have  iPads. In Key Stage 2, children have access to laptops in addition to those permanently in each classroom.

We have recently invested in new interactive whiteboards from nursery to Year 6 to enhance our ICT provision. Our next step is to purchase and add to our hand held devices to extend our provision from nursery to Year 6.

We have Bee-bots, computer microscopes, visualizers, cameras, sensors and Lego Mindstorm, all to provide a wide range of activities for our pupils.


Literacy at Norwich Road Academy is designed to be an integral part of topic work.

Read Write Inc Phonics is our chosen way to teach children the early stages of reading and writing.  Once the children have learnt to read fluently they will then move onto Ruth Miskin Literacy and Language. Being able to read is the most important skill a child will learn. Reading has far reaching implications for lifelong confidence and well-being. We are aware that learning to read is challenging for some of our our pupils and that a systematic approach to phonics and reading is the best way to overcome this.

We are successfully running Read, Write Inc. at Norwich Road Academy. Read, Write Inc. is a synthetic phonic program that provides a systematic approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling and is fully compatible with the new National Curriculum. ​

Read, Write Inc. gives:

  • a systematic, structured teaching using simultaneous visual, auditory and kinaesthetic processes
  • clear importance of speaking and listening
  • encouragement of collaborative working

To learn more about Read, Write Inc. you can visit their website at:

You can download more information here

Reading Recommendations!

Supporting your child reading at home is a vital part of their learning and enjoyment of life.  Click here for recommendations of great books for your child to read with you or on their own!

We have high standards and expect children to produce neat, organised work. This is backed up with our presentation policy and all children in KS2 have a pen license. Pupils with particularly lovely presentation have the opportunity to earn a gold pen license.

Literacy is supported with trips out of the academy, using the local library, and visitors come to us to enhance speaking and listening skills and enthuse our pupils.


In the academy, we try to make maths fun and relevant. One way to help your child at home is to try playing number games with playing cards, dominoes and board games.

Young children can practice their by maths by making use of everyday situations such as sorting the washing and matching pairs of socks or find number patterns like adding up coins or reading the house numbers in your street.

See our Learning Links page for more maths ideas.

Religious Education

Religious Education is a subject which is relevant, challenging, interesting and of value to us all.
At Norwich Road Academy, the Norfolk agreed syllabus is taught and through creative teaching, pupils learn about, and from religion.

During the foundation stage, pupils begin to explore the world of religion looking at special books, times and people, places and objects, and by visiting places of worship.

In Key Stage 1, pupils study believing and belonging , prayer and worship, leaders and teachers, stories and celebrations and look at symbols and artefacts.

In Key Stage 2, pupils research inspirational people, teachings and authority, and religion, family and community.

We invite representatives from different faith backgrounds to visit our school during our annual ‘Celebrating R.E. week’, in our lessons and assemblies. We visit places of worship and celebrate major festivals.