Academy Life

Academy Life

At Norwich Road Academy we have high expectations of all of our children. We pride ourselves on following our Code of Conduct “Be Kind, Be Fair, Be Respectful and Be Responsible” which we expect both our children and parents to follow.

Behaviour at the academy is very positive and there are very few incidents of poor behaviour. Children and parents treat each other well and visitors are asked to respect our key values.

High priority is given to quality teaching of Literacy and Numeracy and the use of technologies across the curriculum.

We have recently upgraded to our ICT equipment including interactive whiteboards. Our next step is to purchase a range of hand held devices to enhance the provision we have. We have developed an exciting curriculum which is relevant to today’s children and will ensure they have the necessary skills to succeed in later life.

Superb pastoral care throughout the academy reflects our commitment to your child’s personal development and happiness.

This, along with good attendance and punctuality, is extremely important. The academy has strict attendance procedures our pupils must follow and it is therefore essential that your child attends every day to give them the best opportunity to make the most of their talent.