Welcome to Norwich Road Academy

A very warm welcome to Norwich Road Academy, sponsored by Eastern Multi-Academy Trust. We are passionate about education and work hard to give our children experiences which provide them with a fantastic start in life and ensure they develop high aspirations for their future.

Our curriculum is designed to develop skills of self-worth, confidence and independence and encourages them to become self-reliant, responsible, highly motivated and well-disciplined learners, all skills which equip children to become well rounded young adults.

We value strong partnership between home and academy so that we can work together for the benefit of the child. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s education through close collaboration, frequent academic and celebration events.

Our website will provide only a glimpse of our vibrant and dynamic setting so I also invite you to visit us and experience the unique atmosphere of our academy. A very warm welcome awaits you.

If you have any queries regarding any aspect of school life please contact me on office@nor.eastern-mat.co.uk or call 01842 753279.

Mrs Julia Miles
Head of School