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'My daughter has evolved a lot since she started nursery.  Thank you very much for your amazing work with her’.
‘I admire the care and professionalism of the teachers and assistants.’
‘My son likes to go to school, play with children and always comes back happy!’
‘I am happy with the progress that my child has made during the year and with the quality of teaching.  I appreciate the efforts of all of the staff of Norwich Road Academy and thank you.’
‘Thank you to Mrs Brain and all the staff for doing such a fantastic job in the last (very trying year).  It is much appreciated!’
‘I would like to thank Norwich Road Academy for all the support given to my daughter.’
‘I am very happy and thankful to the teachers for all the improvements in my daughter’s learning.  Thank you!’
‘We are very please and proud of my son’s results.  The evolution of our child is significant, especially in terms of speaking English.  All of this is due to the teachers and we thank them for their involvement.  We are very satisfied with the school and will stay with you for years to come.  Well done NRA!’
‘It has been an amazing year in class with amazing teachers.  My daughter feels great and had great progress.  She has learned to read, count and tell stories.  I am very happy with her progress.  Thank you to the teachers for the great work.’
‘I couldn’t be happier.’
‘I am so happy to see how my daughter is doing at school.’
‘The staff have been amazing.’
‘Thank you for the kindness and patience of the people who have supported and helped my daughter.’
‘A big thank you to Mrs Sangster for all of the support during a hard time.’
‘I am very grateful to all of the teachers who have supported my son over the past few years.  I greatly appreciate his progress since he was admitted to Norwich Road Academy.  I can only say thank you.  Thank you so much teachers!’
‘I am pleased that my daughter has made improvements since joining from another school and is being seen to try her best.’
‘Thank you so much for your help and support over these hard times.’