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Norwich Road Academy’s art curriculum is a knowledge rich curriculum delivered through the Primary Knowledge Curriculum (PKC). Knowledge, in the realm of art means knowledge not only of artists, designers, architects and their work, but of the artistic concepts that relate to their work shown in different types and styles of art, how these relate to each other in a historical context and how this affects the children’s own use of materials and development of skills.

The curriculum is designed to enable children to learn by making connections between the work of artists, architects and designers and their own work, which they evaluate and relate back to the works they have studied. This process is cyclical. Meaningful opportunities for self-expression and individual response are woven through the curriculum, giving children space to learn who they are as an artist.

Units of work in the curriculum focus on the different concepts in art and different types of art. In this context concepts in art means the different elements of art (line, shape, colour, tone, form, space, visual texture and tone), how an artist combines these elements and produces art in different styles, for example realistic or abstract art. Different types of art means the different media used to make art (e.g. sculpture, architecture or painting), different subject matter (e.g. portraits, landscapes or history painting) and different artistic movements, historical periods or geographical cultures (e.g. impressionism, Italian Renaissance).

The overall scheme of the curriculum provides for gradual progression in terms of skills ( painting, drawing, 3D form, collage, textiles and mixed media), introducing the children to as diverse a range of materials as possible.

The structure of the planning also provides for progression in terms of process in art, both in terms of critical analysis of others’ art and the necessary observation, exploration and evaluation needed for the children to create their own art. Activities children are directed to undertake in lessons are designed with an eye to the importance of learning and practising process.

These activities include verbal and written observations and observational, analytical and imaginative drawing activities in key stage 1, leading to the process of independent investigation, observation, annotation, sketching, design and planning (allowing the children to experiment and invent) by the end of key stage 2.

The curriculum fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum for England and seeks to show how art shapes our history and contributes to our culture. The Curriculum Overview explains how this is achieved, summarising for each year group what concepts of art, types of art, skills and processes are covered. The Overview goes on to specify, in more detail, what artists, designers, architects, concepts and skills are covered in each unit.  The long term plan explains how this is achieved, summarising for each year group what concepts of art, types of art, skills and processes are covered.

 Every child has a sketchbook in which to record evidence of their work whether in real or photographic form. Sketchbooks may include written reflections on the work of other artists/designers/architects, as well as the children’s written reflections on their own work. Each unit will have a knowledge organiser and this will be referred to in each subsequent lesson and be kept in the children’s sketchbooks. Assessment may take place through multiple choice quizzes as well as looking at progression in knowledge, process and application of skills in individual pieces of work.

BBC Bitesize is a great resource for a range of video clips, games and activities related to Art.  The following links will take you some great resources for you and your children to explore.  Key Stage 2 (KS2) children are in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6.  Key Stage 1 (KS1) children are in Year 1 and 2.  Early Years children are in our Nursery and Reception classes.

KS2 Art and Design - BBC Bitesize

KS1 Art and Design - BBC Bitesize

Early years Expressive Arts and Design - BBC Bitesize

Mrs Sangster is the subject lead for Art,  across the academy.