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At Norwich Road Academy, we believe that computing and the use of ICT is central to the education of all children. We aim to give each pupil the opportunity to apply and develop their technological understanding and skills across a wide range of situations and tasks. Computing has deep links with Mathematics, Science, and Design and Technology, and provides insights into both natural and artificial systems which gives the children the opportunity to connect their learning.  Pupils are encouraged to develop a confident and safe approach to computing and the use of ICT, with the understanding of the capabilities and flexibility of their resources. With the knowledge that computing and ICT will undoubtedly continue to form a major part in the children’s life at home, in further education and places of work, we ensure the computing and ICT experiences and abilities that the children are equipped with at Norwich Road, are effective and transferable life skills. 

Staff are supported in the teaching of computing through the use of resources from the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) who provide a range of support documents that can be found on their website here . We also use the NCCE’s curriculum resources to ensure that the National Curriculum expectations are covered, whilst also giving staff the resources that they need to teach effectively. Support in developing subject knowledge and confidence is also provided through staff CPD. Online Safety is taught throughout the year in computing lessons, assemblies and Life Skills lessons. Information on Online Safety is also shared regularly with parents.

Evidence of the children's work is collected in our computing floor books. These books allow the children to recap what they have learnt in a previous lesson in a accessible, visual way. Teachers can use their class book - alongside their distance marking grids - to monitor and assess the progress of the children in their class. There are some examples of this in the pictures below.

The curriculum table in the links below gives the objectives for each of the lessons in our computing curriculum. Each unit of the curriculum builds on the knowledge taught in the previous year.


BBC Bitesize is a great resource for a range of video clips, games and activities related to Computing.  The following links will take you some great resources for you and your children to explore.  Key Stage 2 (KS2) children are in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6.  Key Stage 1 (KS1) children are in Year 1 and 2.  Early Years children are in our Nursery and Reception classes.

KS2 Computing - BBC Bitesize

KS1 Computing - BBC Bitesize

Early years - England - BBC Bitesize       Look in the Knowledege and Understanding of the World section.

Mr Ingham is the Computing Lead for the academy.