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At Norwich Road Academy it is our mission to ensure every child develops an enjoyment of reading and writing and can employ a range of independent strategies to self-monitor and improve. It is important that a positive attitude is encouraged towards both subjects amongst all our pupils in order to foster self-confidence and a sense of achievement.  The Academy aims for every child to be a confident in speaking, listening, reading and writing by the time they leave. It aims to encourage a lifelong love of literature.The school values are an integral part of every subject including English and are central to the Academy vision. Each value has its own place and can be linked to every aspect of the English curriculum encouraging children to strive to do their best, build on their learning and leave the academy as confident young people.

At Norwich Road academy we aim to make all of our pupils ‘readers’. We aim to ensure a balanced mix of approaches to reading so that our pupils achieve the skills required, a positive attitude, confidence as well as interest and a life-long love of literature. We believe that the ability to read confidently, fluently and with understanding is an essential life skill, which will not only empower the individual to make sense of his or her world, but will also grant access to a vast realm of experience and knowledge that would otherwise remain out of reach.

Children are provided access to a wealth of high quality texts through their English lesson. There is a chosen high quality text for each half term. For example in Year 2 the children will read Aesop’s Fables, The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, Louis Pasteur- Science Superstar, Fairy tales and an information book Under The Sea. Year six will study texts such as A Midsummer Nights Dream, Pig Heart Boy and Goodnight Mister Tom.

At Norwich Road we aim to develop pupils in becoming efficient and effective writers who are able to write appropriately for a variety of audiences. During their time at the academy they will have opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to communicate effectively within a range of contexts and to develop a love of writing.

Our chosen accredited phonics scheme is Little Wondle Letters and  Sounds and this link gives an introduction and resources which will help support your child saying their sounds and writing their letters.  Little Wondle Letters & Sounds