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Academy Council and Trustees

Norwich Road Academy is part of the Eastern Multi-Academy Trust and the Academy and its Governing Body are responsible to the Trust’s Board of Directors.

The Trust’s Trustees can be found here.

Annual Reports and Accounts

Annual reports and accounts for Norwich Road Academy and Eastern Multi-Academy Trust can be found here.

Academy Council

Academy Council for Norwich Road Academy and their attendance records can be found here.

Our register of business and pecuniary interests can be found here.

Academy Council Members

Paul Shanks - can be contacted at Norwich Road Academy, Norwich Road, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 2HT
Trust Appointed AC Member,  Director of Primary Education, EMAT & Chair of the Academy Council

Peter Howard
Trust Appointed AC Member & Associate Principal, EMAT

Laura Parrott
Trust Appointed AC Member

Parent Elected AC Member 

Marium Asghar
Parent Elected AC Member 

Greg Sadler
Trust Appointed AC Member & Area Executive Principal, EMAT

Mark Foreman
Trust Appointed AC Member

Academy Council Vacancies

When vacancies for Parent Governors arise these are advertised to parents and a formal process for nomination takes place including a ballot (if necessary).

Academy Council Meeting Dates

30th September 2021

25th November 2021

27th January 2022

17th March 2022

13th May 2022

23rd June 2022