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At Norwich Road Academy, we aspire for all of our children to become successful, fluent readers by the end of Key Stage One and believe this is achievable through a combination of strong, high quality, discrete phonics teaching combined with a whole language approach that promotes a ‘love of reading’ culture.

The Rose Report (2006) emphasised high quality phonics as an important part of the word decoding skills required by children to develop higher-level whole language and comprehension skills. This approach is in alignment with our belief that we first ‘learn to read’ and then ‘read to learn’.

Bold Beginnings November 2017 stated that “All primary schools should: make sure that the teaching of reading, including systematic synthetic phonics, is the core purpose of the Reception Year.”

This policy is aimed at reinforcing a consistent, high quality approach to the teaching of phonics across the Early Years Foundation Stage, (EYFS,) Key Stage One and on into Key Stage Two for children who still need this further support.


Here are some useful Phonics videos to support the work you do at home with your child.