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The History of Norwich Road Academy

Norwich Road Academy was originally built as an 1870 Education Act school and started its journey as an Infant, Girls and Boys school.

The newly-completed school was formally handed over to Mr. Cornell H. Fison, Chairman of the Thetford School Board, on the 1st May 1879

The following week Mr. Whiteley Head Master of the Boy’s School, Miss Cleghorn Headmistress of the Girls’ school and Miss May Headmistress of the Infants’ school received their first intake of pupils.

Norwich Road Academy has a rich history demonstrated by our extensive archive collection. This includes staff log books dating back to 1863, photos of classes throughout the years, registers of pupils and artefacts. Here at Norwich Road Academy we have a strong vision of ‘History is where you stand’ and having an appreciation for our local history is integrated within our teaching.

This school has been a long-standing primary school in the community of Thetford and its children have had many successes throughout their time here.

Click the links to find out more about the wonderful experiences and achievements of past pupils.

Champion Folk Dancers            Thetford's most successful Boys' Choir               Past Pupils Testimonies.     Photos past and present

We remember significant individuals that have contributed to our school’s rich history.

Lindsay O’ Crawford – Teacher at Norwich Road Academy that served and died in World War 1.

David Osbourne – attended school at Norwich Road Academy 56 years ago and went on to become a well-known Thetford Historian publishing many books about the Town and its History. Many findings and names are thanks to his research and dedication.