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The Norwich Road Way - Behaviour

At Norwich Road Academy, we want young people to be successful in their learning, and in life. We support children’s positive behaviour and character through the ‘Norwich Road Way’ behaviour curriculum. This enables us to maintain high standards of pupil behaviour, whereby learning can be maximised, and to maintain a safe and supportive environment for all.

‘The NRA Way’ brings together many aspects that are important to us; our values, behaviours for learning, good conduct, courtesy and kindness. We explicitly teach and reinforce these expectations across our school. This not only enables our pupils to do their very best learning, in welcoming and supportive surroundings, but also develops their interpersonal skills. These skills will support them through life.

‘Being well behaved is a combination of skills, aptitudes, inclinations, values and knowledge. These can be taught’. Tom Bennett OBE, 2020